Video Editing – Adobe Premiere Pro

Duration: 1.5 Month
Trainer(s): Satish Shrestha

Introduction- starting with premiere pro

  • Getting started
  • Timeline history of video
  • Intro to the software
  • Importing and organizing media

Editing session easy video editing

  • Sequence and Shortcuts
  • Understanding the time and frame
  • Basic editing and helpful tips
  • Timeline navigation and selection technique

Editing Tools and technique

  • Understanding existing tools
  • Understand the workflow
  • Adjusting ripple, rolling and replace edits

Arrangement-Clips -sequence

  • Rough cutting and creating subclips
  • Multiple ways to create sequences
  • Synchronizing audio and visual

Speed manipulation

  • Freeze and still frames
  • Forcing speed change
  • Changing speed with tools and panel

Essential audio editing

  • Audio channels
  • Gain or volume
  • Volume adjustment Presets

The graphics

  • Graphics workshop
  • Animating clips
  • Keyframe concept
  • Upgrading to master graphics clips

Add + adjust Transitions and effects

  • Key to smooth transitions
  • Refining transition
  • Refining effect properties
  • Custom transitions

Essential motion effects

  • Color matte
  • Animating with built in effects
  • Time remapping


  • Creating titles
  • Understanding the title creator
  • Designing and animating titles
  • Saving a title presets


  • Concept and how it works
  • Masking
  • Cleaning up matte
  • Shadow
  • Blue and green screen replacement

Color correction and grading

  • CC workflow
  • Lumetri color and scopes
  • Balancing color and HSL
  • Grading effects from the Lumetri presets

Post production training

  • Dynamic linking
  • Master clip editing
  • Montage creation
  • Cuts and edits
  • Adding music and adjusting volume
  • Adding graphics, titles, lower thirds
  • And many more

Conclusion + exporting the final product

  • Export and render process
  • Best settings, export explanation and more
  • Projects …