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Python for Data Science
Week 1 Python Fundamentals Week 2 Python ML Libraries1. Numpy2. Pandas3. Matplotlib4. Scikit learn Week 3 1. Intro to ML
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Web Design, UI/UX Design
Basics of photoshop Pan, Zoom, Show/Hide tools and panels Working with full screens (F) Layer panel (F7) Create/Delete/Move/Duplicate Layers and
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Front End Web Development
We do not follow traditional approach of training, we develop habit of working and patience inside you, experience real working
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PHP, Laravel and React/Vue
PHP | MySQL | ReactJS | VueJS | Laravel | danabol GIT | HTML and CSS Basics | Twitter Bootstrap
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Print/Graphic Design
Learn with Projects, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign Adobe Illustrator CC Introduction Drawing basics Selections Alignment Simple drawing Combining
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JavaScript Complete Package
All-in-one course suitable for both Newbies and Working Professionals. This is completely a beginner friendly course also. Start programming with
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SEO & Digital Marketing
Course Summary SEO Essentials Google Algorithms Keyword Research and Competitor Analysis Website Designa and SEO Guidelines On Page Optimization Off
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Python with Django
Chapter 1: Python Introduction Overview Audience / Prerequisites Features Environment Setup Installing Python (2.7/3.6) Setting up Environment Variable Path Run
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Drawing & modification tools, Plan, Elevation & Section, Managing Drawing, System & Setting, Layers and Dimension, Hatch, Printing & Publishing
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SketchUp with Vray and Photoshop
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Android App Development with Kotlin
1. Kotlin Basics Basic Syntax Idioms Coding Conventions Basics Basic Types Packages Control Flow Returns and Jumps Classes and Objects
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WordPress Development
Using WordPress | WordPress Fundamentals | Theme Development | Plugins Development | Advanced WordPress Techniques | WooCommerce Basics
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Video Editing – Adobe Premiere Pro
Introduction- starting with premiere pro Getting started Timeline history of video Intro to the software Importing and organizing media Editing
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VFX – Adobe AfterEffects
Quick start to adopt in after effects interface, Introduction to animation techniques, Important techniques (creating better animation, smoothing animations, motion
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3DS Max
Introduction and understanding the interface, Hard surface modeling, Organic modeling, Camera setup, Lighting, Materials and Textures, Rendering with Vray, Post
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Integrated Analysis, Design and Drafting of Building Systems
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Java Core and Advanced
Java Fundamentals, Java Web, J2EE, Spring, Hibernate, JSP, mySql
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Web application using C#, Asp.Net, JavaScript, Bootstrap, Angularjs or Reactjs
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Success Stories

Halftone Designs as path shower

Namaste everyone !
Currently I am working as php/laravel developer at Nextmorse Technologies. Before joining to company I did my 3 months internship at halftone Design. Sometime we may know the right path but we are not able start the journey towards it.

prabesh lamichhane magar

Halftone Designs upgraded my skills

Namaste! I have done intern from Halftone Design. I have thoroughly enjoyed myself here and Halftone Design have also changed my life positively. After interning from Halftone Designs I am working at Access Keys Pvt. Ltd. as a Mid level Front End Developer/Designer directly. I was born and raised in Kathmandu City.

Rohit Maharjan

Front end developer journey from Halftone

As a course need of 8th semester of, I had to do 3 months internship on any domain related to Information Technology. So, since front end web development is pretty hot topics in web development, I choose to do internship as Front end developer and for that I choose Halftone Designs.

Urgen Sherpa

My journey start at HD

My journey start at HD and raju sir fully help me and now a days i can do solve any problem in related design and data base in samsung company. In united sate of America

Rabin Thapa Magar
Samsung company

Proud to be Halftonian !

I have completed my three months internship in front end web development at halftone designs pvt ltd. During intern, i have learned many things about slicing PSD file to html5/css3 and also jquery/js for interactive animation. After the completion of the internship at halftone, i got selected as beginner level and now just promoted to mid level developer in one of multinational company “DesignPac”.

Govinda Rana

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Are you going to join Web Design/Front End Web Development course? Wait, read this first !

If you are thinking of joining Web Design/Front End Web Development course, it will be better if you be familiar with some html and css codes before joining any learning center. The best way to do this is, there are several online resources where you can get proper knowledge not just this one but several…
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HTML Elements: Block Level and Inline Level

How many you know about this topic? Which html element is called block level and which is inline? I'm afraid most of you don't have the proper knowledge. So, let's discuss about it here, assuming you know the CSS.
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Common mistakes of a Front End Web Developer

Web development is not an easy job because a web developer has to deal with not only currently available Devices (Computers, Tablets, and Phones etc.), OS Platforms (Windows, OSX, IOS, Android etc.), Web Browsers (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, Internet Explorer etc.)
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