Web Design, UI/UX Design

Duration: 2 Months
Trainer(s): Raju Maharjan

Basics of photoshop

  • Pan, Zoom, Show/Hide tools and panels
  • Working with full screens (F)
  • Layer panel (F7)
    Create/Delete/Move/Duplicate Layers and Groups, Pixel/Position Locks
    Masking, Effects, Opacity, Fill, Multiple layer selection, link layers
  • Foreground/Background color, Swap(X), Default(D)


  • Marquee selction tool (M, Shift+M)
  • Move tool (V, Ctrl)
  • Eye Dropper (I)
  • Text (T)
  • Hand (H, Space)
  • Zoom (Z, Ctrl+Space+Click, Alt+Space+Click)
  • Shape (U, Shift+U)
  • Pen (P)
  • Fill/Gradient (G)
  • Crop (C)

Text Panel

  • Font Family/Size/Weight, Line height, Letter spacing, Color, Paragraph

About UI Design

  • Website Sections/Portions/Elements


  • Photoshop Shortcuts
  • Tricky Combination of tools
  • Secret Tips and Tricks
  • The fastest method of Operating Photoshop

Sizes and Dimensions

  • Screen Sizes and Resolutions
  • Responsive Web, Breakpoints
  • Pixel Ratio, PPI
  • Grids and Guides

Designer’s eye

  • Distinguish between good and bad design
  • Color concepts/combinations
  • Concept of space/margins/gaps


  • Vector/Raster Drawing
  • Shapes, Smart Objects
  • Transform, Expand, Contract