New year offer up to 50%

Offer that never expires !

We are pleased to announce our New Year Offer for this Nepalese New Year 2076. We are providing discount offer up to 50% according to the course you choose. To avail the offer, you have to enroll before 5th Baishakh, 2076 (extended from 29th Chaitra, 2075),  And what unique about our offer is you can enroll now and join whenever suitable for you in future.  Isn’t this never expiring offer?

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New course launched for Management Students. Accounting package with manual accounting. More details soon.

Are you going to join Web Design/Front End Web Development course? Wait, read this first !

If you are thinking of joining Web Design/Front End Web Development course, it will be better if you be familiar with some html and css codes before joining any learning center. The best way to do this is, there are several online resources where you can get proper knowledge not just this one but several other topics. Among them, I personally suggest ““. I will guide you through the complete process here.

  1. Open
  2. Sign in with one of the social media option (Facebook, Google, Github) given on the home page or sign up to create an account.
  3. After signing in, click on “Catalog”, select “HTML & CSS” in “BY LANGUAGE” heading.
  4. You will find list of courses there, click on “Introduction to HTML”
  5. Click on “Start”
  6. Now you will find a page with 3 sections where you carefully read first section, write code according to the first section instruction in the second section and view result in the third section.
  7. All you have to do is carefully read the instruction, code accordingly and then click on run. The next button will activate only if you have correctly finished the task assigned. It means your codes are being checked in every step whether it’s correct or wrong.
  8. Finish all the task until you finish the free section which will go from HTML and CSS basics and proper use of them simultaneously with projects they assign you to finish. You will learn more than basics to start learning professionally after that.

If you are going to join “Halftone Designs” for further learning, this learning from Codeacedemy will save you at least a week’s time and fee.

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Python with Django

Duration: 10 Weeks

Chapter 1: Python

  • Introduction
    • Overview
    • Audience / Prerequisites
    • Features
    • Environment Setup
      • Installing Python (2.7/3.6)
      • Setting up Environment Variable Path
      • Run Code on Interpreter
  • Basic of python syntax
    • Identifier
    • Conventions
    • Reserved Words
    • Lines and indentation
  • Data Types
    • Variables
    • Standard Data Types
    • Operator
  • Flow Control in Python
    • Condition
      • Pass Statement
    • Loop
      • Break Statement
      • Continue Statement
  • Errors and Exception Handling
    • Errors
      • Syntax Error
      • Attribute Error
      • Import Error
      • Index Error and many more…
    • Exceptions
      • Handling Exception (using try/catch/else/finally)
      • Handling Multiple Exceptions
      • Ignoring Exceptions

Chapter 2: Django

  • Introduction to Django
    • What is Django?
    • Django and Python
    • Do not Repeat Yourself (DRY principle)
    • Install ing Django
  • Getting Started with Django
    • Django
    • Adding App to your Project
    • Django app life cycle
    • Managing Users & the Django admin tool
    • About the 3 Core Files:
  • Django Models
    • About Database Models
    • Setting up Database Connections
    • Define Django Models
    • Understanding Models Fields & Options
    • Create a Django Models
    • Model Meta Class
    • Adding Data to Model
    • Retrieve Model Database
      • Querysets
      • Filters / Exclude
      • Manage / Retrive Related Records
      • Using Q objects
    • Delete records
  • 4 Django Admin Interface
    • Creating an Admin User
    • Enabling the Admin Interface
    • Add Models in Admin Interface
  • Django URL Patterns and Views
    • About URL Conf
    • Regular Expressions
    • Expression Examples
    • URL Conf Examples
    • Generic Views
  • Django Template
    • Template Fundamentals
    • Loading Template Files
    • Filling Values in Template Context (Context Objects)
    • Template Tags / Filters
      • Built-in
      • Custom
    • Bootstrap Template Tags
    • Template Inheritance
  • Django Forms
    • Form Classes
      • Custom Forms
      • Model Forms
    • Form Validation
  • Access Control with sessions and Users
    • Django Session Framework
    • Installing Django User Authentication
    • Using Django Authentication
    • Login and Logout
    • Authentication Decorators and Mixins
  • Django Email Functionality
    • Configuring Mail Settings
    • Sending Email
    • Sending Bulk Emails
  • Generic Views
    • Simple Generic Views
    • Other Generic Views
      • Create View
      • List View
      • Detail View
      • Update View
      • Delete View
      • Redirect View
  • Django & REST APIs
    • REST API
    • Django REST Framework
    • Test REST API using Postman
    • AJAX
      • Introduction
      • Call REST API using AJAX
      • CRUD Operations using AJAX and API
  • Unit Testing with Django
    • Overview
    • Unit Test using unittest module

Accounting in Practice – Typical to Digital

Duration: 45-60 Days
Trainer(s): Diwas Agasti

This is not just a general course but a fully  Case Study Based accounting package specially for Business Startups to handle Company Financial requirements efficiently from Typical to Digital system. And for Management Students, this course provides In-depth Industry Knowledge over Academic Education to better know what’s exactly required in real field. Continue reading “Accounting in Practice – Typical to Digital”

Pre Festival Discount Offer

up to 50% off in all our courses

We are pleased to announce our Pre Festival Offer for this Festival Season. We are providing discount offer up to 50% according to the course you choose. To avail the offer, you have to enroll before 5th October, 2018. And what unique about our offer is you can enroll now and join whenever suitable for you after festivals in future.

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