Front End Web Development

Duration: 4-6 Months
Trainer(s): Raju Maharjan

We do not follow traditional approach of training, we develop habit of working and patience inside you, experience real working method, don’t just take training, we train beyond tradition …

Topics covered during projects:

PSD to HTML Conversion using Advanced HTML 4/5 and CSS 2/3, jQuery/JavaScript Plugins, Adobe Photoshop, Responsive CSS (Media Queries, Mobile First CSS, CSS Pre-processor (SCSS), CSS Grid, Flexbox, Twitter Bootstrap.

What’s unique about this course:

  1. The only training method where deciding fee and course duration is in your hand, simply give more time, finish fast, pay less
  2. Minimum 3 hours per day class, maximum no limit, One-to-one class, not in groups, it means you can go faster or slower as you can, no waiting for others
  3. You never miss your topics even when you miss the class, next class will start from wherever you left
  4. If you feel confused, we’ll cover same topic again and again, it means we make our students perfect in any condition, just he needs to be with us
  5. 100% project based classes, no fix duration, no fix fee, no fix syllabus, the sole aim of this course is to make you experienced, not trained, you exactly work here in real projects to learn