JavaScript Complete Package

Duration: 3 Months

All-in-one course suitable for both Newbies and Working Professionals. This is completely a beginner friendly course also. Start programming with JavaScript and reach up to be a Front End Developer or Back End Developer or Full Stack Developer. One can choose between these according to his/her comfort when learning. Our course is designed in a way where every option is available as per our training method “Training beyond Tradition…“. Duration varies according to your choice, that’s why we have fee on monthly basis, Pay As You Go, no need to pay for complete package. And this is not a formal group class, it will go as one-to-one class and it’s exactly like learning with Senior as a Junior in a Company with several projects to be completed compulsorily.

Full Course contents:
1. Web Technology to know the concept of web for complete beginners
2. Core JavaScript for the depth knowledge of JavaScript
3. ReactJS for Front End Purpose
4. NodeJS for Back End Purpose
5. PostgreSQL Database
6. Express Server