Front end developer journey from Halftone

As a course need of 8th semester of, I had to do 3 months internship on any domain related to Information Technology. So, since front end web development is pretty hot topics in web development, I choose to do internship as Front end developer and for that I choose Halftone Designs.

Speaking about halftone, it is the best training institute and software companies in town. It got nice workspace, motivating and friendly seniors and mentors. After joining halftone, I got exposed to various tools and technologies related to web development which I was unaware of. I got full guidance about the workflow of web development and how front end developer solves the problem related to web development. During my intern period, I had completed 5 projects which had not only developed my skills as a front end developer but had also improved my problem solving skills and techniques. Really, halftone serves as a best platform to hone your skills in software development.