Accounting in Practice – Typical to Digital

Duration: 45-60 Days
Trainer(s): Diwas Agasti

This is not just a general course but a fully  Case Study Based accounting package specially for Business Startups to handle Company Financial requirements efficiently from Typical to Digital system. And for Management Students, this course provides In-depth Industry Knowledge over Academic Education to better know what’s exactly required in real field.

Gear 1st: Accounting – Basic to Comprehensive

Duration: 25 – 30 Days
Investment: 10,000.00
Return on Investment: Self Evaluation

Knowing the discipline
The basic rule of Debit and Credit
The 5 elements of Financial Statements
Introduction to Companies

Books of Accounts:
– Accounting Entries
– Knowledge about Vouchers
– Supporting Documents

Payment Voucher
Receipt Voucher
Journal Voucher
Contra Voucher
Day Book
Ledger Posting
Debit and Credit Notes
Accounting for errors and adjustment
Introduction to Organizational Resources and their accounting

Accounting for Cash Management
– Payment of Cash
– Receipt of Cash
– Petty Cash System

Accounting for Inventory
– Movement of Stock
– Inventory Valuation
– Store Records
– Reconciliation

Accounting for Fixed Assets
– Movement of Fixed Assets
– Acquisition and Disposal
– Depreciation
– Quality Control

Accounting for Payroll
– Computation of salary
– Accounting of salary and benefits
– Computation of relevant taxes

Accounting for Banking Activities
– Types of Bank Accounts
– Cheque – A Financial Instrument
– Bank Reconciliation Statement

Accounting for Working Capital
– Identification of Working Capital Requirement
– Statement of Changes in Working Capital

Regulatory Requirements

Registration of Business on the basis of Nature
– Proprietorship
– Partnership
– Company (Profit Distributing and Profit Not Distributing)

Additional Regulatory Registration
– PAN Registration
– VAT Registration

Books of accounts under VAT Account
– Introduction
– Purchase Book
– Sales Book
– VAT Account
– Returns Filing
– Payment and Deposition of VAT
– VAT adjustment and Refund Claim

Taxation on Income
– Sources of Income
– Yearly Income Tax
– Tax Deducted at Source
– Submission of tax return and deposition of tax
– E-Filing

Preparation of Trial Balance

Preparation of Financial Statement
– Profit and Loss Statement
– Balance Sheet
– Cash Flow Statement
– Statement of Changes in Equity
– Notes to Account

Financial Statement Analysis

Gear 2nd: Lets Go Digital

Duration: 7 – 10 Days
Investment: 4,500.00
Return on Investment: Trainer’s Evaluation

Introduction to Accounting Software
Accounting in a software
Company Formation
Creation of Ledger
Identification of appropriate voucher for Entry

Accounting Entry in:
– Journal
– Payment
– Receipt
– Contra
– Purchased
– Sales
– Debit and Credit Note

Payroll accounting
VAT Records
Shortcuts and function keys
Import and Export of data
Backup and Restore
Introduction to Inventory Management
Data Modification

Gear 3rd: Current World of Accounting

Duration: 7 – 10 Days
Investment: 4,500.00
Return on Investment: Case Study Evaluation

Understanding about Nepal Accounting Standard, NFRS and IFRS.

Financial Statement as per NFRS
– Profit and Loss Statement and Other Comprehensive Income
– Statement of Financial Position
– Statement of Cash Flow
– Statement of Changes in Equity
– Notes to Accounts

Reporting of Financial Statement and its Analysis
Understanding Business Projection with Financial Prospects
Import Procedure
Financial Modeling
Loan Management: Processing, Calculation of EMI and Repayment
Procurement Management: Tender and Quotation
Auditors’ Report and Opinion
Case Study on Taxation
Case Study on Accounting