Are you going to join Web Design/Front End Web Development course? Wait, read this first !

If you are thinking of joining Web Design/Front End Web Development course, it will be better if you be familiar with some html and css codes before joining any learning center. The best way to do this is, there are several online resources where you can get proper knowledge not just this one but several…
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HTML Elements: Block Level and Inline Level

How many you know about this topic? Which html element is called block level and which is inline? I'm afraid most of you don't have the proper knowledge. So, let's discuss about it here, assuming you know the CSS.
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Common mistakes of a Front End Web Developer

Web development is not an easy job because a web developer has to deal with not only currently available Devices (Computers, Tablets, and Phones etc.), OS Platforms (Windows, OSX, IOS, Android etc.), Web Browsers (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, Internet Explorer etc.)
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